Driver daily walk around checks, made easy

FleetCheck Driver is the customisable vehicle walkaround check app. Designed to fully streamline your vehicle inspection process and remove the need for manual paper trails.



Less Paper. More Time.

Say goodbye to chasing paper check sheets.

FleetCheck Driver walkaround check app is a robust way to plan, carry out, communicate and record all forms of essential vehicle and driver safety, including submit fit to drive declarations, input fuel purchases, report incidents and more.

Regular audited vehicle inspections are a fundamental element of fleet management. Thanks to FleetCheck Driver, you can be confident that your inspection process is robust and complies with the DVSA Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness, all with minimal intervention and zero paperwork.

 Customisable daily checks 

 Instant evidence of damage and defects  

 Mileage collection for SMR schedules 

 Schedule inspection reminders 

 Instant visibility of missed inspections  

 Report on time taken for each safety check 

 Robust audit trail of inspections 

 Fit to Drive declarations 

 Multi language user interface 

 Driver support information 

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For fleets with five or less vehicles


Per vehicle / Month


For all fleet sizes


Per vehicle / month

With FleetCheck Driver you’ll be able to:

 Save time – no more paper chasing or manual processing.

 Save money – highlight cost savings with more visibility.

 Enjoy peace of mind – no more sleepless nights, meet all your compliance requirements.

Only £2 per vehicle / per month

minimum fee of £20 per month.


For all fleet sizes

 month per vehicle
Minimum fee £20 per month

All prices exclude VAT *£2 charged monthly

The affordable stand alone vehicle check app

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Then just £2 per vehicle / per month
Minimum fee £20 per month


FleetCheck Driver walkaround check app

All your drivers need, in the palm of their hand.

All the information your drivers need is available at their fingertips. Communicate relevant support numbers and information saving your drivers time and reducing unnecessary phone calls back to the office.

You can also deploy custom fit to drive declarations across the app with instant alerts if a driver is unfit to work.

Works on any device

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